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Tree Removal Kew

As you can imagine, the process of removing and disposing of a tree is a rather complicated one. Required primarily when: a) the health and integrity of the tree itself is in a state of un-mendable deterioration or b) when the position/growth of the tree infringes human health and safety in any way- the business of tree removal is a constant and prosperous one.

With the continual expansion of our towns and cities, demand for arborist and experts in this field will only increase in the future. PTCS have supplied a removal service confidently and efficiently for over 20 years- removing and disposing of trees of differing difficulty whilst striving to incur minimal damage to the surrounding landscape.

We are realists however, and are fully aware that just as accidents may happen, the miscalculation of factors such as root structure and reach is sometimes simply unavoidable. It is for this reason that we are covered fully in terms of public liability, with $10million insurance just in case there’s a hiccup of any kind. With this level of cover, you can be confident in our ability to provide a service that is fully dependable.

Our equipment arsenal is capable of taking on trees of all ages, breeds and sizes- with the option of having your felled lumber worked into valuable mulch which coincidentally can be reused as a kind of fertiliser for your lawn/garden or even in the planting/replanting of another tree. Tree removal Kew.

As well as offering a renowned removal service capable to taking down and disposing completely of any and every bothersome tree, PTCS can supply you with coveted advice on what may be the best option for the area once the tree has been removed, as well as for the felled tree itself. You can read more about our planting services elsewhere on this very website.

Whilst we realise that some trees may seem easy enough to remove without the assistance of experienced, trained and nationally qualified professionals, there are some which are more complicated than they may appear. Care should be taken to make sure you don’t end up damaging any nearby property or the tree should it be intended for replanting- and of course yourself. Tree removal Kew. 

As a result, PTCS are always here should you have any queries related to bringing down a tree in the vicinity of your home or place of business. Why run any unnecessary risk when you could receive direct and objective advice from Melbourne’s most trusted Tree Care Service over the phone in just minutes?

You can contact us for such a consultation at any time, we’re always happy to advise customers on the best route to take with regards to removal- and can even arrange for a team member to come out and inspect/advise upon your particular situation. Tree removal Kew.