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Possum Control

Though largely un-harmful in most other respects, Possums can have a drastic effect on the health of a tree. Most commonly drawn to plants and trees bearing sweet fruit, it’s highly likely that your garden and its vegetation will become a platform for both the grazing and the feeding of these critters at some point.

Here at Professional Tree Care Services along with arborist services like tree removal and tree pruning we offer a range of efficient and cost effective resolutions for this most common of back yard plights. As these conflictingly cute marsupials make their way further into our towns and cities, there is no question at all that awareness should be raised on the detrimental effect possums can and do have upon the trees they inhabit.

Whether you have identified a definite infestation problem in relation to the fruit trees in your yard, or merely wish for a pre-emptive inspection to be carried out as a precaution- PTCS are on hand to assist. With almost 3 decades worth of professional experience in the field, our team is made up of only the most qualified and proven individuals.

With plentiful experience in the successful and non-injurious removal of possums from countless properties all across Melbourne- our highly competent technicians are fully recognised as being up to speed with the most effective and modern methods for liberating a tree from the negative effects incurred by the ways of these common pests.

As we do not believe in harming the creatures, our most common tactic involves isolating the affected tree(s) in such a way that it denies the possums access and they are forced to move on. Though it may seem a tad inhumane to block their access altogether, it is widely considered the prominent option above physical relocation or captivity- on practical grounds alone.

As for the use of poison or other formerly common lethal methods of alleviating infestation- possums are untouchable under current native wildlife legislation laws and so must be guided naturally away from the area of worry instead of being wiped out completely. As a result, the process involved with their removal can be one which requires a lot of patience- and so it goes without saying that you may be better of consulting the help of qualified professionals instead of going at it alone.

If you have decided you’d personally like to attempt to rid a tree or two of its possums however- we can issue you with all the advice you’re likely to need. Our team are always happy to help clients over the phone with pointers on how to identify possum activity as well as how to take measure to deter it.

Contact us today for a fast, no-strings consultation and you could be rid of those problematic possums in no time.