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Stump Removal Kew

Tree pruning is often a necessary factor in maintaining the health and proper growth pattern of any tree, though unneeded on a frequent basis- keeping a watchful eye can go a long way to ensure not only symmetry and aesthetical attraction, but in reducing the potential storm damage and future interference with property and other structures which can commonly be caused by a tree and its roots. Stump Removal Kew.

PTCS have over 27 years qualified field experience in professional tree pruning and are fully recognised in accordance with Australian National Standards. As a result, there are few more qualified to tackle the job of correcting any troublesome/unattractive growths on the timber which lies immediate to your home or place of business. Stump Removal Kew.

Our highly trained team of arborists are qualified to perform a wide array of tasks which can alleviate an even wider variety of problems that are so commonly encountered by trees of all species in an urban (or otherwise) environment.

As well as simple ‘Crown Cleaning’ which acts to relieve a tree of its excess and overlapping branches, PTCS also offer:

Deadwood Pruning:

This process is one of the most common and in demand natural techniques used to keep a tree in tip-top condition. After identifying any dead or diseased/dying limbs and branches on the tree, we remove them from the canopy in a manner both careful and certain to restrict further development of the infected areas. Stump Removal Kew, the process is useful as a means to make the tree appear healthier as well as to rejuvenate branch structure. Stump Removal Kew.

Crown Thinning:

Crown Thinning makes room for any limbs that may be getting in each-others way. By ‘thinning out’ the interior limbs (which are generally most prone to complication), PTCS can make sure the tree adjacent to your house is less wind resistant- making it far less likely to be overcome by wind during a storm.

Crown Raising:

Sometimes required when the limbs of a tree are in too-close proximity of a structure, public pathway or road- crown raising acts to heighten said limbs in order to clear them out of the way and reduce their capacity as a nuisance. Our staff has much experience with this technique and strive to ensure the image/appeal/symmetry of each tree will not be damaged in any way.

Vista Pruning:

A service offered in accordance with the interests of our clients more so than the selected tree itself, vista pruning encompasses the process of selective pruning in order to achieve the likes of a better view from your kitchen window. We guarantee to not only achieve this, but to do so in a way completely un-harmful to the tree.

In our 27 years of trade we’ve encountered just about every type of job imaginable, so get in touch today to receive a fast and free quote from the very best in the business.