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Professional Tree Care Services

As well as being experts in the practical sphere, PTCS also offer an extensive and acclaimed arborist report service- and have done for almost 3 decades. Our certified arborist are experts when it comes to arborist report.

With the ability to carry out the required assessments on any tree regardless of shape, size and breed, identify prominent problems and compile the eventual report itself- there’s a reason we have been a top choice in this fieldacross the city of Melbourne and it’s outlying areas for so long-though are yet to encounter a single unsatisfied customer.

Whatever the motive for carrying out the report, whether you are striving to maintain a tree as part of a much loved landscape, remove an eyesore or require a qualified report as part of a planning permission application- we can help you. We offer a variety of services liketree lopping, tree pruning and tree removal.

Striving to help take the sting out of what can quite commonly become an extremely arduous, timely and frustrating process; PTCS can assist you past the countless red tape restrictions incurred by the likes of planning permission committees and have you on your way to a large scale botanical transformation or modification in no time at all.


Arborist Reports


As well as offering a service which promises to compile arborist report of the highest and most accurate standards within a cost and time scale customised to suit you, the client- our certified arborist can in turn use our flawless reputation to heed your claim and hopefully have it passed through the necessary bodies more quickly.

Each and every aspect of the arborist report we compile are within complete compliance to the related law and legislation- and our team members have countless years’ worth of experience in their respective profession.

Why bother with the stress and monotony of pushing your own claim through a tangled and slow paced planning permission system when you could have arborist melbourne do it for you? Especially considering the fact that we offer such assistance as part of the arborist report creation service you’re legally obligated to have carried out in preparation for your eventual application in the first place.

Our certified arborist team is fully qualified in this area and can guarantee you an assessment that is 100% accurate and objective. Through identification of any problematic rot or disease within the trees limbs, trunk and branches, as well as a pre-determination of potential future issues and the recognition of pests and parasites which may be inhabiting the timber- our no holds barred examination techniques can andwill give you all that needs to be known about any tree.

We are always happy to lend our educated advice in terms of council requirements and what may be done to help attain your final goal more successfully. Working alongside the client, arborist melbourne pride ourselves on our usefulness when it comes to the likes of relevant suggestion and the creation of landscaping plan processes.